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Revelation 7 part 6

But for me, the main message here is that God has chosen a number of Israelites, 144,000,that they are the first-fruits of many others, that they are sealed by salvation into Christ Jesus and they will be protected by their faithful Father.

Revelation pt 5

The 144,000 are the first-fruits: they go ahead of the multitude of Israelites who will wonderfully receive Christ Jesus as their Messiah when he returns in power and glory.

Revelation 7 pt 4

God is about to release the trumpet judgements upon the earth and the purpose of the seal on the forehead of the 144,000 is to protect them through this ordeal. 

Revelation 7: pt 3

One of the most valuable lessons to understand when reading Revelation is to approach it simply, without being too clever. If it says that the 144,000 are from all the tribes of Israel then that is exactly who they are!

Revelation 7 pt 2

The four winds describe the trumpet judgements of chapters eight and nine of Revelation.But yet four angels are posted to keep these winds blowing until God decrees that the right time has arrived. These judgements will bring immense chaos and disorder to this world yet God is in sovereign control. 

Revelation 7 pt 1

It is a joy to reach the reassuring shores of Revelation chapter seven, having crawled through the trials of the previous chapter. 

Sunday Review 15

As ever, so glad for all the support that folk give me regarding this site. I would no doubt keep writing, even on my own, but it is so much better with a few friends cheering me on! 


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