There are so many wonderful teachers who have helped and inspired me in my journey to understand the Book of Revelation. Each one has had his/her own strengths and weaknesses but I am indebted to them all. This is by no means an exhaustive list but just some that have impressed me the most.

I certainly do not agree with all their points, some are pre-tribulation-rapture or even replacement theology but they all contain vital truths nevertheless.

Classic commentaries

Paige Patterson Revelation The New American Commentary – my most favourite commentary of them all. If I was shipped out to a desert island, this is the one I would take!

John F Walvoord – Revelation – a gentleman scholar.

GK Beale – Revelation – a shorter commentary.

Robert H Mounce -The Book of Revelation

Grant R Osborne – Revelation – a thorough teaching

Michael Wilcock – The message of Revelation

George Eldon Ladd – A Commentary on the Revelation of John

William Hendriksen – More than Conquerers

Charles C Ryrie – Revelation.

John Wesley – Revelation Bible Commentary from John Wesley.

David Pawson A commentary of the Book of Revelation

Topical books

Alan Kurschner Antichrist before the day of the Lord essential reading.

Joel Richardson Mid-East Beast, Sinai to Zion an excellent and prolific writer

Samuel Whitefield beautiful writer, very elegant, quite lengthy

Janet Willis What on earth is heaven like a beautiful and inspiring book, one of my favourites.

Douglas Hamp The Millennium Chronicles a unique novel-style exploration of the Millennium.

Michael Vlach Pre-millennialism a classic text book

Barry E Horner Future Israel a very weighty classic textbook

Travis M Snow The Passover King very helpful on a vital subject

Stephen B Miller Daniel New American Commentary a very good commentary

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