There are a fair number of really good websites out there that have been a tremendous help to me over the years. I have listed them in no particular order and will no doubt be adding to them as time goes by.

Please note that I do not agree absolutely with everything they teach and I am sure they would not absolutely agree with me! But nevertheless I believe we are brothers who are all humbly trying to catch the vision of Christ and share it as best we can.

In no particular order:

1 Joel Richardson, found here is one of the best treasure troves. Joel is an excellent teacher and has written numerous books over the years. His video series is free to watch. Joel has also partnered with FAI studios in the making of their films.

2 Samuel Whitefield , found here is one of my favorite writers. He has a wonderful clear style of writing and a wonderful passion for truth. His website provides access to his books and a series of videos that you may purchase and download or watch for free. He also provides notes for teaching in small groups.

3 Frontier Alliance International, found here, is a multi-faceted organisation that provides, films, music and teaching, as well as practical help on the front-line in the Middle-East. Their latest series, teaching on Revelation promises is extremely good. Dalton Thomas and Joel Richardson head up their teaching team. Last Easter 2020 their team focused on Daniel which I very much appreciated.

4 Alan Kurschner of Eschatos Ministries, found here promotes a healthy understanding of end-time theology, challenging weak arguments and passionately pursuing the truth. His book ‘Antichrist before the Day of the Lord’ is a classic. He knows his stuff!

5 Dr. Michael Pike and Dr. Howard Barnes of Call2Come ministry, found here are focused on the preparation of the Bride in readiness for the coming Bride-groom. Both have very wise missionary backgrounds and Michael’s short-bite teachings have been a tremendous help to me.

6 Doug Hamp, of Douglas Hamp ministy, found here provides a very good range of teachings, especially on Revelation. I am still mulling over one or two things that he teaches but his is teaching is certainly worth exploring .

7 Chris Wickland, of Storehouse 7, found here has started a thorough study on Revelation on YouTube. I have enjoyed this teaching very much.

8 Christ’s Kingdom and the End-times, found here is written by Steven J Hogan, the pastor of Hope Bible Church of Tampa. He includes well-written articles on the end-times, written with great wisdom and sensibility.

9 Brave Church with Jeff Schwarzentraub have good sermons on Revelation. Here is a link to chapter six for you to try. It lasts just under an hour and is very clear and well-explained. Found here

There are plenty more links which I will be adding in the very near future.

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