This my commentary on the Book of Revelation, laid out chapter by chapter. Please click on the relevant title to be taken to the writings.

Please note I have uploaded my notes for the first six chapters only so far. The rest will be coming soon!

I also provide my commentary in downloadable PDF form without photos, available on my PDF page found by clicking here.

Revelation 1
The unveiling of the radiant King Jesus.

Revelation 2
Encouragements, advice and warnings for the churches.

Revelation 3
More encouragements and admonishments for the churches.

Revelation 4
John is called up to the throne-room of God.

Revelation 5
Who can open the scroll with the seven seals!

Revelation 6
The seals are opened.

Revelation 7
The 144,00 and the great multitude beyond count.

Revelation 8
The trumpets

Revelation 9
The locusts

Revelation 10
The angel and the little scroll.

Revelation 11
The two witnesses

Revelation 12
The woman and the dragon.

Revelation 13
The beast emerges.

Revelation 14
The harvest.

Revelation 15
The Song of Moses

Revelation 16
The bowls of wrath.

Revelation 17
The woman on the beast.

Revelation 18
The fal of Babylon.

Revelation 19
The wedding Feast

Revelation 22

The river of life

Revelation 20
100o years

Revelation 21
New Jerusalem

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