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Revelation 34.com is a labour of love, dedicated to all those who endure persecution for their Christian faith, or who will do so in the future. I hope to bring biblical encouragement and wisdom to help us endure and thrive in the golden storm that is fast approaching.

I ask for nothing in return. But if any of my writings are a blessing then would you consider letting others know about them. I am hopeless at self-promotion and useless at search-engine-optimisation so any help you can give will be appreciated.

All text and artwork are by myself. 

My main writings:

Please click the relevant link to be taken to the first post of each series. Each post then links to the next post in the series.

1 Revelation chapter 2&3 Jesus’ words to seven churches. Please click here

2 Turning Off the Fire-Alarm – a study on how some seek to dilute or evade the warnings and advice of Matthew 24. Please click here

3 The Rider on the White Horse – a study on Revelation 6:1 found here

4 The Nehemiah Gates – a study of the names of these gates revealing the gospel.

The first gate, the Sheep’s Gate is found here oand the conclusion found here.

5 Revelation chapter one – A brief intro study of Revelation one. please click here

6 God’s love for Israel – a study on the end-time redemptive salvation of the Jews. Please click here

7 The Golden Storm Approaching – a study on the coming period of tribulation that is fast approaching. Please click here

8 A Down-to-Earth Heaven – a study of the reign of Christ Jesus on this earth when he returns in power and glory. Please click here.

9 Drowning in a Sea of Symbolism – a study on the use and understanding of symbolism in scripture. Please click here.

10 The Martyrdom of Stephen – a study on Acts 6-7 as a foreshadow of the coming tribulation. Please click here here.

11 The Throne Room of Heaven – a brief study on Revelation chapter four. Please click here

A list of online links and websites that I have found helpful over the years’


A list of books and commentaries that I have found helpful over the years’

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