Revelation 18 Babylon part 2

Revelation 18  Babylon part 2

continuin our study of Revelation 18.

Yesterday I began to put down some thoughts on Mystery Babylon and this is the second part.

Many speak of a World Government System that will take over from individual sovereign states. Some consider this to be no more than a conspiracy but others contend that the enemy hides his plans in the midst of a web of conspiracy theories, so that folk dismiss or ridicule them. 

This world government would be a sort-of end-time version of Babel, seeking to usurp God. In their arsenal, they have alternative internet universes and are searching for the pathway to eternal life. They represent the pinnacle of man’s accomplishments without God. 

The religious elements also include attempts to bring an ecumenical understanding within the different faiths, that would exclude the sovereignty of Christ Jesus. 

This new government will use persuasion to bring individual governments into their ranks. They will offer world-wide solutions to world-wide catastrophes. They will also use coercion to bring individuals to heel. 

Many believe that their take-over will be launched soon and that preparation plans are well in place. This is often linked with the creation of Neom, a magnificent city, built in the desert of Saudi Arabia. 

There is a tenuous link between the end-time antichrist beast and Mystery Babylon. Both will use each other for a while. However, the strict religious beliefs of the beast will lose faith in the opulent corrupt ways of Babylon and the Beast will destroy her.

Mystery Babylon has cast its shadow upon world history for so long. The death toll caused by its engineering of financial markets is unimaginable. But yet, in one day, it will sink into its grave and never be heard of again. True freedom is coming on the wings with Christ Jesus when he returns in power and glory.

I appreciate this rather a simple view of an inevitably complicated matter but this one world government is certainly watching out for. Times are moving fast and the dog may already be barking at the door.

Thank you for reading this. tomorrow: the wedding feast of chapter 19!

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  • Revelation 19:11 Faithful and True
    Our testimony is that Jesus has been faithful and true and stood alongside, through every storm that has been thrown at us, and never let go of us ever!
  • Revelation 19:10 The Testimony of Jesus…
    One understanding of the testimony of Jesus is that he will return as the radiant King; and he will bring peace and righteousness to this earth when he establishes his kingdom and reigns from Jerusalem. 
  • Revelation 19:9 Invited
    The Church as a whole will be invited to the wedding as a corporate being but we will also be invited as individuals, by virtue of our personal salvation that we have received.For many of us who are not usually invited to high-society events and who are often left out and behind, this comes as a blessing indeed!
  • Revelation 19:7 Eager Anticipation
    In the same way, we are called to look forward to the day when we meet with Christ Jesus, on the day that he returns in power and glory. He is our blessed hope and our lives lived here on earth should be directed towards this coming moment. 
  • Revelation 19:7 A Wedding!
    I pray that we will live out our salvation with fear and trembling, and walk closely with our Lord, that we might walk with confidence and reassurance, knowing that we will be warmly welcomed and honoured as a guest, wearing the white robes of righteousness. 

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