Revelation 18:22 A Tale of Two Cities

Revelation 18:22  A Tale of Two Cities

Continuing our study of chapter eighteen.

The next few verses of chapter eighteen highlight the stark contrast between the future of Mystery Babylon, the religious/political/economic system that holds sway over this present world, and the Holy City Jerusalem, that will come to earth, from where King Jesus will reign. 

Revelation 18:22  ‘The music of harpists and musicians, flute players and trumpeters will never be heard in you again.’

Worship music has always been a wonderful feature of both the Jewish and the Christian communities. It is one of the joys of life when it is dedicated to praising God.

The world has also revelled in music but usually to promote and glorify mankind. But Babylon is coming to an end and music, of whatever genre, will not be heard there again.

The heavenly kingdom of Jesus, here on earth, will resound with joyful worship music but Babylon will become a place of deadly, joyless silence. 

Revelation 18:22a  No workman of any trade will ever be found in you again.’

Christ’s kingdom on earth will be a place of creativity. We will not labour as slaves in order to earn enough to support our families, but neither will we sit around all day, getting bored playing harps for all eternity. 

We will be able to develop crafts and skills so that we may express our love and devotion to God.  We will have all eternity to develop our talents and allow ourselves to be taken wherever our creativity will lead us.

By contrast, the skills and trades of Babylon, that have served the world and the glorification of man, will come to an abrupt end. 

Revelation 18:22b  ‘The sound of a millstone will never be heard in you again.’

The grinding of grain that is grown in the fields, that makes the flour to produce loaves of bread, that may be eaten around a table in good company, the sound of this grinding will be no more. 

The kingdom of Jesus, by contrast, will be a time of joyous community, where everyone will work together, effortlessly, with glorious resurrection bodies, to bring in the harvest and produce the food to make endless suppers, gathered around the table of good cheer and communion.

Revelation 18:23  The light of a lamp will never shine in you again.’

The wicked have always chosen the darkness over the light of Jesus’ presence.  

John 3:19  ‘This is the verdict: Light has come into the world but men loved darkness instead of light because their deeds were evil.’

By contrast, the Holy City, Jerusalem, will be resplendent in light.

Revelation 21:23  ‘The city does not need the sun or the moon to shine on it, for the glory of God gives it light and the Lamb is its light.’

The sheer glory of God will shine through the city.

Revelation 18:23a  ‘The voice of the bridegroom and bride will never be heard in you again.’

Babylon will be a loveless place where sweet conversation and expectation will not be heard. The wicked have indulged themselves in their own selfish pursuits and are left with a bitter eternal loneliness. 

By contrast, the Holy City will be a place of intimate worship, where the redeemed and the consecrated open their hearts in worship before the throne of their tender God and He whispers back to them in the glory of such sweet communion.

The New Jerusalem will be a city of sweet, musical  communion. Babylon will become an odious and eternal misery . Make sure your destiny is the correct one. 

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