Revelation 11 pt 1

Revelation 11 pt 1

Revelation 11:1  ‘I was given a reed like a measuring rod and was told, Go and measure the temple of God and the altar, and count the worshippers there.’

It is well-understood that the act of measuring something with a rod is to bestow value and importance. 

One could argue here, perhaps tenuously, that the temple of God represents God the Father himself and the altar represents Christ Jesus, crucified upon the altar of the cross for our sins. The worshippers then would clearly stand for those who worship the Trinity, possibly down through the ages.

Many would assert here that the temple speaks of the Third Temple that will be built in the end-times in Jerusalem. 

There has always been a great expectation that a Third Temple will be built although there are clear challenges to hurdle, not least the opposition of other world religions that hold political control over the Temple Mount.

Certain Jewish groups most notably the Temple Institute have thoroughly prepared themselves for the daily sacrifices to commence once more. They have gathered and built the architecture needed. An enormous temple structure need not be built, a simple tent-like structure like the tabernacle would suffice.

Political wrestling goes on regarding the future development of the Temple and the will and expectation in certain camps grows more acutely with every passing year. 

As ever, one may conclude that the date of the building of this Temple will be in Sovereign hands.

Tomorrow we explore the biblical reality of the building of this actual temple.

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