Revelation 10 pt 6

Revelation 10 pt 6

Continuing our study of Revelation 10.

Revelation 10:8  ‘Then the voice that I had heard from heaven spoke to me once more: “Go, take the scroll that lies open in the hand of the angel who is standing on the sea and on the land.

We have discussed before that this angel could be our Lord Jesus and it could be another mighty angel. The land mentioned could be referring to Israel and the sea could refer to the Gentile nations. It could also simply refer to the rule and authority of our Lord over the world in its entirety

The scroll that was bound by seven seals now lies open in the hand of the mighty angel. The scroll must be of a considerable size but John will be invited to eat the scroll.

As the scroll is transferred from hand to hand it becomes a little scroll. The ‘biblion’ becomes a ‘biblaridion’.

God is very gracious. He often brings revelations that are well beyond the understanding of our mortal frame and reduces them to sizes that we are able to digest.

He sends us out to fulfill mighty tasks that are well beyond our capacity but yet His presence makes them possible. 

God makes our commision possible.

And then John is asked to eat the scroll…


  • Revelation 19:11 Faithful and True
    Our testimony is that Jesus has been faithful and true and stood alongside, through every storm that has been thrown at us, and never let go of us ever!
  • Revelation 19:10 The Testimony of Jesus…
    One understanding of the testimony of Jesus is that he will return as the radiant King; and he will bring peace and righteousness to this earth when he establishes his kingdom and reigns from Jerusalem. 
  • Revelation 19:9 Invited
    The Church as a whole will be invited to the wedding as a corporate being but we will also be invited as individuals, by virtue of our personal salvation that we have received.For many of us who are not usually invited to high-society events and who are often left out and behind, this comes as a blessing indeed!
  • Revelation 19:7 Eager Anticipation
    In the same way, we are called to look forward to the day when we meet with Christ Jesus, on the day that he returns in power and glory. He is our blessed hope and our lives lived here on earth should be directed towards this coming moment. 
  • Revelation 19:7 A Wedding!
    I pray that we will live out our salvation with fear and trembling, and walk closely with our Lord, that we might walk with confidence and reassurance, knowing that we will be warmly welcomed and honoured as a guest, wearing the white robes of righteousness. 
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