Ephesians 1 pt 4

Ephesians 1  ‘Paul, an apostle of Christ Jesus by the will of God.’

Many have commented on the style of letter-writing in Paul’s time, where the sender would sensibly start the letter with their name. This contrasts with modern practice where you begin a letter or e-mail by reminding the person what their name is and then keeping them in suspension until the end of the letter to reveal who exactly you are!

Please do not feel offended that Paul begins this letter by mentioning his name first. Koine Greek has ways of expressing emphasis and in this sentence, the absence of a definite article attached to Christ Jesus shows that the emphasis is very much upon Jesus and not Paul himself!

The expression ‘the will of God’ uses the word ‘thelema’ which speaks of God’s desire that Paul should serve as an apostle. God has not forced Paul to be an apostle but He is pleased and desires that he should serve in this way. 

Praying this morning that we should all know the will of God and His pleasure in serving Him.

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  • Revelation 11 pt 4
    The different expressions for the same period of time would also show that they are actual measurements of time that are not to be spiritualised into something of our own making. This period of time will actually happen. It will be the final three-and-a-half years before Christ Jesus returns in power and glory!
  • Revelation 11 pt 3
    The building of the Third Temple and the beginning of the daily sacrifice will bring such joy to many of the people of Israel. The treachery of the end-time beast and his desecration of the temple will be the final straw that will weaken the pride of Israel and prepare them in brokenness to receive Christ Jesus as their Messiah when he returns in power and glory. 
  • Revelation 11 pt 2
    A Third Temple must be built and the sacrifices and grain offerings to commence, so that the end-time beast can arise, bring a halt to the daily sacrifice and desecrate the temple in order to fulfil prophecies of both Jesus and Daniel.
  • Revelation 11 pt 1
    There has always been a great expectation that a Third Temple will be built although there are clear challenges to hurdle, not least the opposition of other world religions that hold political control over the Temple Mount. Political wrestling goes on regarding the future development of the Temple and the will and expectation grows more acutely with every passing year. 
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    May a spirit of praise and worship be lifted up amongst the hearts of Christians in Afghanistan, even though the praise may need to be covert and sung under their breath, may it be joyous and contagious.
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