Ephesians 1 pt 3

Ephesians 1  ‘Paul, an apostle of Christ Jesus by the will of God

The original twelve disciples, that were sent out by Jesus, became eleven when Judas came to his demise. The disciples chose a replacement but this did not work out for it was Jesus’ desire that Paul should become the twelfth apostle. 

Paul was very different than the others by nature of his upbringing.  He was born in Tarsus and brought up in Jerusalem under the tutelage of Gamaliel. He had become a fervent and well-taught Pharisee.

Many in the church had misgivings of Paul joining their ranks. After all, he had previously been a zealous persecutor of the Church. And he was not a fisherman. And he did not have a rough Galilean accent!

I am just surmising here:

I could imagine a scenario where Peter and John and the other disciples would be sitting eating their supper, reminiscing of when they had gone fishing with Jesus and perhaps some joke he had told them about the Pharisees. They would laugh at the memory.

But Paul had never been part of this small group of disciples and may well have felt left out.

And so I dedicate this post to those who sometimes feel left out. In the church, like any social group, we have circles and inner circles, and these can easily become cliques where like-minded persons gather close together and shun others who are not like them.

Praying this morning that we will all have the wisdom and kindness to reach out and include those on the fringe of the church that they may feel a part of the church.

And praying for those, like myself, who are sometimes shy and lacking in social skills, who often feel awkward and foolish in groups, that we might feel welcome and hugged by the church.

Merry Christmas!

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