Ephesians 1 pt 2

Ephesians 1  ‘Paul, an apostle of Christ Jesus by the will of God.’

Paul would labour with a passion and an energy that went way further than his own natural strengths.

Colossians 1:29  ‘To this end I labour, struggling with all his energy which so powerfully works in me.’

The word used here for ‘labour’, in the Koine Greek, is ‘kopos’ which denotes ‘striking’. The image I have here is of a blacksmith, wielding his hammer upon the anvil, beating with a natural rhythm but finding an inner force also working within him. Or perhaps a gardener wielding a bill-hook, allowing the balance and weight of the hook to scythe the long grass. 

It is for this reason that some are driven to serve the Lord, even though they may see no obvious results. 

The missionary will leave his home and labour in fields far away; the evangelist will preach the gospel and be mocked by the crowds; the preacher will preach his socks off to rows of empty pews; the writer will wrestle with words that few will read and the neighbour will bless the street where he lives and be greeted by derision and suspicion.

In the midst of their blessings and their disappointments, there is an energy working within all of them that is greater than themselves that keeps them going. 

They have all become servants of the gospel and relinquished their right to live a selfish and self-serving life. They have immersed themselves in the all-consuming will of God.

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