Surviving Revelation pt 4

On not getting bogged down.

Continuing a short study on the blessings, pitfalls and challenges of studying the Book of Revelation.

When studying Revelation, it is important not to get too bogged down by detail. When we consider the identity of the two witnesses of chapter 11, there are at least 13 recognised possibilities of who they might be. We could spend a couple of decades debating their identity and completely miss the thrust of this chapter and its powerful message. 

Likewise, we could become immersed in trying to guess or fathom the message of the seven thunders of chapter ten, even though John was specifically told not to record their words.

The very best scholars are happy to admit that there are certain aspects of Revelation that we do not fully understand yet, especially when it comes to the chronology of Revelation.

Revelation teaches you to walk humbly!

There is no doubt that Revelation has it’s quandaries and many steer well clear of it for that reason. I would argue though that so does the rest of scripture. I was recently listening to a couple of Christians online, debating 2 Corinthians and the subject of election, predestination and the assurance of our salvation. My mind was turning to scrambled eggs after five minutes of listening to these two scholars and their oh so complicated arguments and I was glad to get back to the straight-forward simplicity of my beloved Revelation!

Revelation unfolds pounding truths that we are called to run with…

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