Sunday Review 17

Sunday Review 17

Hi, and welcome to this second Sunday of Advent! I took a trip to town yesterday, a rather wet and gloomy day. with covid blues and financial worries weighing everybody down. We will have to dig deep to go beyond the morose touching this nation at the moment and find the real joy of Christmas in the birth of our saviour!

My first e-book is up and ready to be downloaded and can be found by pushing below:

I ask for no wages but if you do know anyone who would be blessed then please share the link for my e-book with them.

If you have any problems downloading it then please could you let me know by emailing me at:

I have also started writing some notes on Ephesians which I will be adding to this site from time to time.

As ever, I am so very grateful for all of you for your kindness and interest!

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