Sunday Review 14

Welcome to this Sunday Review. This past week I have been continuing with Revelation 6 and the fifth and sixth seal. I will carry on with this tomorrow, coming to its dramatic climax swiftly.

As ever, thanks for all your support!

I made a few notes recently on how to study the Book of Revelation without falling into some of the traps that can befall one. I taught my small theology class on this subject and it allayed some of their fears. I will be putting these notes up soon and then carrying on with Revelation 7.

My first e-book has been completed using Blurb software, which I am very impressed with, and Helzine software to turn it into a flat-page book. Now I have to sort the means of distribution. Sorting this out has been harder than writing the actual book! But I am pleased overall with the results and I will send a link to a few friends this week just to make sure it is downloadable before putting it up on my site. It will be absolutely free!

As ever, your support and appreciation has been deeply appreciated.

Sunday blessings to all!

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Revelation 15:3 A Deeper Understanding

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If you struggle with the horror of Revelation then you are certainly not alone. The absolute horror reflects the weight of sin that has corrupted man to the core. 
But as we embrace these sacred truths, they will bring us deeper, far deeper than ever before, into an understanding of the heart, into an understanding of the perfect holiness of God. 

Revelation 15:3 Moses and Jesus

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The mention of both Moses and Jesus the Lamb in the same sentence strengthens the idea that Jesus will be the perfect Moses, who will deliver Israel, imprisoned or exiled by the antichrist and lead them victoriously back to Jerusalem. 

Revelation 15:1 Glass and Fire

The bitterness of martyrdom gives way to eternal celebration. Their victory has always been dependent upon the strength that God provides and this is reflected in the harps given to them by God.
 And what a glorious celebration. The enemy has been defeated and the bowls of wrath will bring this evil age to a conclusion. The joy of eternity awaits! 

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