Sunday Review 13

Welcome to this Sunday review. It has been a mixed week. Autumn has truly come this week and the trees are looking magnificent in their ochre coats. The recent floods have receded. The funeral was held this week for a young man who died far too young.

The week just gone by, I have been commenting on Revelation 6 and the infamous four horsemen of gloom and doom. I will carry on this week and cover the cosmological disturbances and the coming day of judgement. Please bear with, we will get to the joy of Revelation 7 soon!

Hope everyone likes the revamped site. I do not have any design plugins and so it is limited as to what I can do.

My first e-book, whichI have been promising for some time now, is just about ready to go. Every time I go through it I find another correction to be made, but it should be ready to fly this week. And I have several more e-books waiting to be put together.

Blessings, and so many thanks for all your support, I really do appreciate it. If you do know of anyone who would be blessed by this site then do please let them know.


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