Hi, sorry, this will be a brief post this morning for I have family duties to deal with.

My recommendation this morning though is a video entitled: The Coming World War and Global Economic Collapse by Frontier Alliance International.

It can be found HERE

Despite its scary title, this video is a well-presented teaching based on the third seal of Revelation chapter six. It describes the emergence of the antichist empire that will bring massive food cut-backs in its wake.

There is no shortage of book and videos out there describing in chilling detail the gloomy fate of mankind in the coming days. Authors compete to grab attention and social media clicks in order to raise revenue. The more outrageous their prophecies, the more success they presumably have.

However, the Frontier Alliance International group have produced a weekly series on The Book of Revelation which has been very well received. Joel Richardson and Dalton Thomas have both brought teachings that have been honest and faithful to scripture.

The video in question, which lasts just under an hour, is sharp but honest. It does not dilute the immense challenges we face today, and the challenges we will face in days to come, but yet it is brought with an air of down-to-earth sensibility that these two teachers are well-known for.

The honesty and the biblical integrity of both teachers stands out in this series.

This group seems to have taken a brief break for the moment which gave me the chance to go through some of their past teachings, this video was made in April 2021. It is the sixteenth in the series and the whole series has been absolutely exceptional.

If you are looking for a relevant yet balanced wake-up call then this video is for you!

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