Sunday Review 12

Welcoem to this Sunday Review. Thank you, as ever, for all your support and interest.

The week just gone by, I focused on Revelation 2&3 and this week I will finish off with Jesus’ letters to Laodicea.

My hope and prayer is firstly that my writings will encourage those in other nations to hold firm against persecution and know the deep love the Lord has for them and the great future God has mapped out for those who are faithful. And secondly, I pray that my writings will help others to prepare for persecution if it should ever come to their nation.

My small group teaching went well, I have around 6-7 keen students and they are a great group, always keeping me on my toes with awkward questions and wise insights of their own.

As ever, the struggle is to find time to study and write and create more artwork. I have been kept busy helping folk and family and study time has been kept short.

If you know of anyone who would benefit from reading these posts then do please point them in this direction.

Much love and blessings!


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