Sunday Review 11

Hi and welcome to this Sunday review. A big thank you to all who support this website, it means a lot to me. If you know of anyone who would be blessed by reading my daily posts then do please let them know. My ambition is to be able to reach persecuted nations in the hope that my writings will encourage them.

This week just gone by, I carried on with Revelation chapter 3 and I will continue this week.

I have started teaching two small groups in my local church and it is going well. Everyone seems very satisfied.

When we begin to study the Book of Revelation it can often seem like a ‘spaghetti-hoop-soup-with-monsters-lurking-within’!

For this reason I intend to teach the whole of Revelation in one session lasting fourty-five minutes. I might have to cut corners somewhat but I hope it will help to give a brief overview of the whole book which will make it less intimidating.

One vital point is that Revelation is really very easy if you simply take it as it comes and try not to be too clever!

Once again, thanks for all the support and interest, I really appreciate it.

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