Saturday Thought

Core Statement

Please either listen to the audio clip above or read the notes below or both at the same time!

I woke up this morning, writing in my mind a core message for this website and this is the message that I wrote:

We are fast approaching the greatest Christian revival the world has ever known. However, it will be accompanied by the worst time of tribulation the world has ever witnessed. 

The Early Church was empowered by the Spirit and moved in great signs and wonders. But yet they lived within the darkness of the Roman Empire. The Late Church will be empowered and move in the same way. But yet we will live within the darkness of the beast’s empire. 

If we are prepared for this coming tribulation then we will shine forth in the darkness and we will be able to bring in the great end-time harvest.

If we are not prepared then we will flounder and even fall away from the faith. We will be unable to take part in the harvest.

The wise will have filled their lamps with oil and they will be beacons of light and salvation to a crumbling and desperate world. The foolish will not have filled their lamps with oil and they will stumble in the darkness of the tribulation.

The Church often discusses and prepares for this great end-time revival. However, they foolishly ignore the tribulation aspect and they remain woefully unprepared.

We need to have a conversation regarding both the revival and the tribulation parts of the end-times that are fast approaching us. Then our hearts will be prepared. Then we will be a blessing to the world rather than casualties floundering on the side-lines.


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