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This is part of my study into Revelation 2&3. ~This is my first post on Sardis.

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Revelation 3:1  “To the angel of the church in Sardis write:”

The church in Sardis, one of the seven churches mentioned in Revelation One, has a story behind it which is worth researching further at a later date.

Put simply, the city of Sardis was built upon a hill with three sides which were thought to be steep and unassailable. They therefore put all their defences and fortifications onto the one vulnerable side that held the entrance and gateway to the city.

Sadly, the three unassailable sides proved to be vulnerable after all, and the city was taken by an invading army. Moreover, they did not learn their lesson and the city was taken again, many years later.

Sardis stands as a prime example of believing in your own strength and becoming arrogant and careless, with disastrous results.

We could argue, with a degree of strength, that the church in the West has become foolish in its arrogance, believing that the persecutory powers that are sweeping through the world will never touch us. Tribulation will only happen ‘over there, to other people’ and not here.

There is always the possibility that we will somehow evade the ravages of the end-time tribulation. But sadly, we may be very wrong in our thinking and the onslaught of tribulation will catch us off-guard and sweep us to our demise.

There is a need for our churches to have a serious yet sensible conversation regarding our vulnerability to persecution, rather than burying our heads in the sand and hoping it all blows over our buried heads.

Calmly preparing in advance is so much better than ignoring the issue and panicking when it is too late.

Otherwise we may end up like the church of Sardis, bitterly regretting our foolish and unprepared ways and finding it is too late.

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