Sunday Review 9

Hi and welcome to my Sunday Review. Thank you, as ever, for all your support, I really do appreciate it!

Last week I started writing about Revelation chapters two and three, focusing on a futurist interpretation.

One of the great commentators of our day is Nelson Walters, who runs a YouTube channel, and he has very much inspired me over the years. His well-studied teachings are always challenging. I do not necessarily agree with everything he teaches, and he would not expect me to. However, his studies are soaked in humility and integrity.

One of Nelson’s teachings can be found by clicking right here.

This week I will continue with the Revelation 2&3 studies. I have in mind to write, after that, about the end-time beast.

The good news is that after waiting some twenty years in the background, I have finally been given the chance to teach Revelation in a small group, in my local church, for six weeks, starting next Thursday. I also hope to be able to give lectures as well. There has been a sea-change of thought within the leadership and my time has finally come, and so please pray for me that all will go well!

The photograph image above is one of my newest. It has symbolism built into it. I have bought a larger monitor screen which is amazing and I continue to learn and be inspired by other like-minded artists.

Autumn is slowly arriving and the temperatures are falling. I hope you are all keeping warm. Please continue to pray for Afghanistan.



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