Sunday Review 8

Hi, yesterday I finished my series of posts exploring Matthew 24, the Olivet Discourse, from the point of view that these precious verses form a lighthouse of warnings and encouragements for all generations but especially for the end-time generation. However, certain theological positions seek to dilute or even evade these sound warnings.

If you missed any of this then please get to the first post by clicking here.

I am very conscious, as I type these notes, that the world is trying to move on from the disaster in Afghanistan but that we need to keep praying for our brothers and sisters in both Iran and Afghanistan.

On another matter, I wrote this thought a few days ago:

One of the most beautiful gifts that we can develop is to turn our eyes away from our own precious ministries for a moment and focus on the gifts that God is birthing in others around us.

To see, notice, appreciate, encourage, promote, advertise, challenge, chide, admonish, love, bless, cherish and pray for the spiritual gifts in others. 

And in so doing, we may have birthed the most precious of gifts in our own hearts!

This week I will be writing on Revelation chapter two and three which I hope will be a blessing!

Thank you for reading this…

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