Sunday Review 7

Hi and welcome to this Sunday Review. The week just gone, I carried on with my study on the identity of the rider on the white horse in Revelation 6:1.

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This week coming I am starting a study on Matthew 24, the Olivet Discourse. I will be exploring some end-time arguments that try to negate or dismiss the explicit warnings and advice given by Christ Jesus in that chapter.

And after that, I am intending to write on Revelation 2&3 from a futurist perspective.

Below is a free-flow article that I wrote a couple of weeks ago on the subject of scripture memorization. May it be a blessing to you:

Remembering scripture

It begins by writing out by hand your chosen Bible verse on a bit of paper and sticking it in your purse or back-pocket, and during the day you take it out and begin to memorize it,  a few words at a time, slowly and painstakingly, until you have the verse memorized.

And then you wake up the next morning and you cannot remember a single word of it, and so back to the drawing-board, or slip of paper, and begin the process all over again, and this time it seems easier to remember it.

But the next day you can remember some of it, but perhaps a part of it eludes you, but you persevere, and now you can begin to recall the verse, whilst driving, or lying in bed at night or whilst queuing at the supermarket, until you become confident that you have mastered remembering this verse.

And then you head off to a Sunday morning meeting and proudly read out your verse from memory in front of everybody, hoping to impress all and sundry, and then your mind freezes and you make a complete mess of it and everyone is trying not to laugh, but no need to worry because God is just taking you through the humbling process.

And then perhaps you begin to remember other verses and they begin to become a part of you, feeding you from within, and even if you forget them, you find that a moment of revision and they come back to you because your memory cogs are getting stronger.

And perhaps, maybe, sometime in the future, when they turn the internet switch off and confiscate your bibles and smart-phones, you will still have these precious verses buried deep within you and when someone asks you the reason for the hope you have, these verses will just gush out of you, a river of flowing grace.

And you will be such a blessing to others that all the hard work will have been worth it.

And the journey begins today!

God bless!

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