Highly Recommended!

This video was made some three years ago but it remains as poignant and as relevant today as it did then.

It features a member of the underground church in the Middle East who gives two dramatic accounts, first in Iran and then Kurdistan, of the miraculous appearance of ‘the man in white,’ clothed in spectacular brilliance, who intervenes and brings faith to Muslims.

With recent events in Afghanistan, this video is well worth watching. We need to pray more for Jesus, ‘the man in white‘ to appear. Jesus can walk past check-points and through border controls to reach those who are unreachable.

Joel Richardson continues to bring first-class presentations on end-time subjects with refreshing clarity and studious integrity.

Joel’s website can be found by clicking here.

Global Catalytic Ministries can be found by clicking here.

Joel also works with Frontier Alliance International who can be found by clicking here.

Another great resource that has been of great help to me is Zion’s Hope. I have just finished watching their latest video teaching, given by Bob Hunt, on the subject of Mystery Babylon. Bob gives clear and precise teaching on what is quite a challenging subject. This is well worth watching!

Zion’s Hope website can be found by clicking here.

Bob Hunt’s video teaching can be found by clicking here.

Thank you for reading this and I pray it is a help and a blessing.

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