Turning Off The Fire-Alarm 3

This is a seven part series on the subject of Matthew 24, the Olivet Discourse, that Jesus gave on the Mount of Olives, shortly before Gethsemane.

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The Olivet Discourse of Matthew 24 has always stood as a challenging encouragement to all generations. As we enter the very end-times, these precious words of Jesus have become a blazing light-house, casting its vivid warnings and sage advice to those who are prepared to listen.

Many have sought to ‘turn off’ the fire-alarm warnings of Matthew 24 by various theological stances. This study briefly explores some of these stances.

Post-Millennial Theory

This theory holds that the Church will grow like a mustard seed to the extent that the world will become strongly influenced by Christianity. Whole nations will be converted and discipled in the ways of the Lord. When the righteousness of Jesus has filled the earth, then and only then, will Christ Jesus return in power and glory.

I appreciate that this is rather a potted impression of Post-millennial thought but this is all that space allows.

The challenge to this theory has always been that certain parts of scripture seem to speak of a darkness falling on this earth, immediately preceding the return of Christ Jesus. This would include Matthew 24; Paul’s letters; the Book of Revelation and most of the Old Testament!

The Post-millennial camp have tried to evade this problem by arguing that these challenging verses describe the fall of Jerusalem in AD70, rather than the end-times.

However, it has to be noted that this line of thought, generally called Preterism, or Partial Preterism, has an enormous wealth of problems in itself.

Tragically, both forms of Preterism tend to lead towards Replacement Theology that argues that in AD70, God cast aside Israel and made the Church the new Israel.

I have to assert,  at this point, that the Post-millennial camp have moved from mistaken theology to out-and-out heresy. Sadly, many Charismatic churches have fallen down this dank hole of thought.

Post-millennialists wrongly believe that the world is gradually getting better and better and the thought of a coming darkness is deemed too pessimistic to even consider. They therefore leave themselves completely unprepared and vulnerable to the approaching golden storm.

The coming miraculous revival that they rightly long for will be embedded within the storm of tribulation.

This dark storm of tribulation will knock many off their feet and they will be unable to embrace the golden revival within. Their dreams of revival will be lost because most will be floundering, crushed by fear and disappointment, unprepared for the storm that holds the gold.

Post-millennialism tries to ‘turn off the fire-alarm‘ of Matthew 24 and bring an illusory peace. We need to put these sun-drenched yet false teachings aside and embrace the warnings and encouragements of Matthew 24.

May the Lord prepare us for the coming storm that we might embrace the gold within

Once again, I do apologise for my brevity of criticism but I intend to return and write more on this subject later. I have included links below to sterling work done on this subject by Joel Richardson and Dr Brock D Hollett. 

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Exposing the Errors of Preterism https://youtu.be/3r30CC88tJ8 A Joel Richardson interview with Dr Brock. Very helpful indeed. There is also a sequel.

Dr Brock D  Hollett   Debunking Preterism  Morris Publishing A comprehensive reference book. Absolutely well studied. A classic. This is not a brief paperback!

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