Sunday Review 6

Welcome to this Sunday Review.

Last week I focused on the identity of the rider of the white horse in Revelation 6:1. The links are below. I have two more posts on this subject which I will put up this week and I will probably bring it all together in one long post too.

Yesterday I recommended two videos by Nelson Walters and ‘One For Israel’ which both brilliantly describe the Feast of Trumpets and its meaning. This post can be reached here.

The next subject I wish to tackle is entitled ‘Turning Off The Fire-alarm‘ which will describe how many have neutralized the warnings of Matthew 24 in their church teachings.

We continue to pray for Iran and Afghanistan. I will leave you with one testimony that has come out of the underground church by means of Global Catalytic Ministries.

The light of God is so visible, and it is piercing Islam.”.

Testimony from an underground leader: “It has been really exciting to meet other Christians here, in this time. Our hearts have been more connected, because they see we have not abandoned them. There was a man that was upset because he thought we would leave but then to see us still here, he was so happy. I have been telling him ‘we are family’ for a long time, and now he can see what that means and it is true. He told me how much it meant to know that I could have left, but I chose to stay with them. I am so thankful to be used by God this way. So there is pain and joy right now. God hasn’t left. There is no need to fear what the Taliban is doing, yes bad things may happen to us but God will do something and glorify His name. If something bad happens to me, I will remember God and how he works miracles. In the Bible, He miraculously hid people in danger, and other times He allowed them to be beaten and killed. I trust God and I am meeting many believers that have been very afraid. It is a very special time, I still cry every day and struggle to sleep, but I have so much joy. The light of God is so visible, and it is piercing Islam.”.

Blessings for this week!

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