Sunday Review 5

Hi and welcome to this Sunday Review. As I write this, encouraging words are coming out of Afghanistan of the fearless work of Christian evangelists risking their very lives and sharing the gospel. At the same time, the youth of Afghanistan are disillusioned and disgusted with the behaviour of the Taliban.

This gives a wonderful opportunity for the gospel of Christ Jesus to spread throughout this embattled nation.

In the West, we often speak of the wonders of the Early Church, the conversions and the miracles etc. We tend to underplay the horrendous persecution of that time.

In Afghanistan, they are living through such a time and we pray that the hearts of the Afghan people will be opened to the warm balm of the gospel of Jesus Christ. May they have dreams and visions and miraculous signs and wonders. May Jesus be glorified!

One important aspect of the Taliban re-taking control of Afghanistan was the speed of events. Everyone seemed to be taken by surprise.

I believe there is a warning here, staring us in the face. The emergence of the Antichrist will be sudden. And he will use shock-and-awe tactics in order to throw everyone into total confusion. Many will be caught off-guard.

There is a vital importance for Christians to prepare their hearts for the coming days or they will be overwhelmed by events and fall by the wayside instead of helping a falling world.

Sadly, many are choosing to ignore or even deny the existence of the Antichrist who will emerge in the final days. Some attempt to deny his existence in their teachings. This is equivalent to denying the existence and dangers of the Taliban in Afghanistan.

Back to the writings:

For the last two weeks I have been focusing on the Gates of Nehemiah.

It is wonderful to see the gospel of Jesus embroidered into the fabric of scripture.

To read the conclusion, showing how the names of the gates describe the gospel please click here.

To read the first post, the first gate, and work your way through, please click here.

This week I start a five-post series, one each day, exploring the Rider of the White Horse in Revelation 6 !

Global Catalytic Ministries are one of the best sources of information concerning the underground church in Afghanistan. Find them by clicking here.

Frontier Alliance International is also doing great work in this field. Find them by clicking here.

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