Sunday Review 4

Hi and welcome to my fourth Sunday review where I list my posts over the last week and discuss my coming posts.

This week has been taken up with events in Afghanistan. We have all been going through the whole gamut of emotions. Above all, we find ourselves drawn to prayer.

In the midst of the unspeakable horror and the understandable terror, we have reports of large numbers being added to the underground church and this is good news indeed!

If you are searching for guidance on what to pray for, or how to give so that the money gets directly to the underground church then I can highly recommend Global Catalytic Ministries who can be found here.

The week just gone I started my series on Nehemiah’s Gates and I have done five so far, with five more to do this week. This series explores the name of the gates that Nehemiah and friends built and how the gospel is to be found in the names.

The first gate, the Sheep Gate can be found here and you can work through the gates from there.

On Saturday I reviewed and highly recommended a video on the situation in Afghanistan by Joel Richardson. This video can be found here.

This week will be taken up with the remainder of Nehemiah’s Gates and I am working on Revelation chapter six after that.

I have had a couple of reports of images on this site not downloading well and perhaps the site having compatibility issues. I have consulted WordPress and they have not found any problems but the WordPress theme itself may have issues with Microsoft Explorer 10 or earlier. Apologies for this and I am exploring changing the theme although that will involve a fair bit of work to a non-techo like me!

I have also added a comments box below. Please note, I believe you can send a message anonymously by typing a few random letters and then adding or or similar and that should get through to me. I appreciate that many, like myself, are wary of giving out their email address willy-nilly.

Thanks for listening!

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