Highly Recommended!

I make no apologies for once more recommending a video by Joel Richardson. This one is entitled ‘The Black Flags from Khorosan, the Taliban and Biblical Prophecy.’ A link is provided below.

Joel is well-known for his books and videos. His writings are well-researched and scholarly, but yet presented in an easy and understandable way. He seems to be a pretty good guy too!

He begins this video with an outline of the Global Catalytic Ministry (link below) which is doing such a sterling work, day and night, to support the Christian community in Afghanistan who are in such a desperate plight. Some are staying put and some, understandably, are fleeing for the mountains and trying to cross the borders.

GCM coordinate prayer for this region and have set up a support fund and are able to get supplies to where it is needed. Head to their website to add to their funds. They will need plenty over the coming days.

Joel then describes the media-savvy Taliban who have established the Islamic Emirates of Afghanistan. He discusses Islamic prophecy and the ominous-sounding ‘Black Flags of Khorosan‘, whose stated intention is to conquer Jerusalem.

As ever, Joel discusses these subjects with honesty and integrity.

Highly recommended!

J, Richardson 30 minute video ‘The Black Flags from Khorosan’ click here.

Global Catalytic Ministries click here

I am in the midst of a daily study on Nehemiah’s Gates which I will continuing next week. To study the first four gates, please click below:

Gate 1 The Sheep Gate

Gate 2 The Fish Gate

Gate 3 The Old Gate

Gate 4 The Valley Gate

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