Sunday Review 3

Hi and welcome to this Sunday Review, dated 22/08/2021.

Last week, I continued to focus on my series ‘The Martyrdom of Stephen‘ which explored the idea that Acts 6-7 is a foreshadow of the end-time tribulation which is approaching soon.

Hopefully I was able to express the golden essence of the closeness of God to Stephen and the victory of the gospel in the midst of the horrific martyrdom of death by stoning.

The light was shining in the darkness!

To check out this series from the beginning, from the first post, then please click here.

This week I am starting a short series on Nehemiah’s Gates. A friend asked to do some research into the meaning of the ten gates of the rebuilt second temple which I was happy to do. That should take seven days and then I intend to take a look at Revelation chapter six.

Whilst I was writing the notes for ‘The Martyrdom of Stephen’ , world events took centre stage with the taking of Afghanistan by the Taliban. We continue to pray and give in this hour of desperate need.

Many believe that the events of Afghanistan are a turning-point for the Church.

There are still too many Christians who are drifting along in a semi-conscious bliss, wrapped up in the cotton-wool of ever-deeper inner healing, pursuing a post-millennial dream, completely unaware of the tsunami of tribulation that is coming.

If Afghanistan has taught us anything, then it is the speed of events unfolding. Many believe that they will prepare themselves when the time comes. They believe this is wise advice. Sadly, they are terribly wrong, and tragically they are teaching this falsehood from the pulpit to others.

Remember though, that the light will shine in the darkness. I have no doubt, that in the midst of the horrors of the Taliban invasion, that the truth will emerge of great courage and perseverance, of miraculous signs and wonders, and great numbers rejecting the god of the Taliban and embracing the love and holiness of the God of Israel, our heavenly Father.

If ever there was a time to pray then it is now!

Helpful verses: Revelation 2:10; Revelation 6:9-12; Revelation 7:15-17; Revelation 12:10-12 and Revelation 19:11-17

Helpful articles:

Global Catalytic Ministries found here

Nelson Walters article found here

One For Israel video found here

Bless your day!

The artwork is ‘The Golden Wood’, from my new collection of abstracts.

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