Revelation intro 3

This is part three of a short series introducing Revelation chapter one. To begin at the beginning, at part one, please click here.

Please either listen to the three minute audio clip above, or read the notes below or both at the same time!

Revelation 1:1   ‘which God gave him to show his servants what must soon take place’.The expression ‘what must soon take place’, (Gk: ‘en tachei’) has always challenged interpreters since close to two thousand years have passed since the writing of this book!

This is labelled a ‘time indicator’ by Preterists who wrongly believe that Revelation was fulfilled in AD 70 with the fall of Jerusalem to the Roman armies.

However, Revelation is a message that comes from an eternal prophetic perspective, that seems to be imminent but will only be fulfilled in the future.

It is best understood as meaning that the events described will happen suddenly and without warning. This certainly aligns with scripture and is a sound translation.

The Book of Revelation prepares the heart for future events that will come suddenly and furiously. Some believe they will wait and prepare themselves when the time comes but sadly, tragically, they will be caught out when the time comes.

It could also allude to the certainty of these events happening, according to God’s sovereign purpose and in His sovereign timing.

Matthew Henry comments delightfully: ‘It is called the Revelation, because God therein discovers (reveals) those things which could never have been sifted out by the reasonings of human understanding, those deep things of God which no man knows but the Spirit of God and those to whom he reveals them’.

God does not intend us to walk around blindfold. He wants us to be prepared for the days ahead. He has made known to us the mystery of his will.

Amos 3:7  ‘Surely the Sovereign Lord does nothing without revealing his plan to his servants the prophets’.

This first chapter will establish a firm foundation upon our Lord Jesus. We begin our journey into the Book of Revelation on a sound Christ-centred basis.

Tomorrow we explore the faithful witness of Christ Jesus.

This is part three of a short series introducing Revelation chapter one. To begin at the beginning, at part one, please click here.

To go to part 4 of this short study on Revelation chapter one, please click here.

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Quote from Matthew Henry  Commentary on Revelation location 31

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