Sunday Review 1

Welcome to this, the very first Sunday Review, that I hope will become a permanent feature of this website.

As the name suggests, I will be reviewing the posts from the previous week, looking ahead to next weeks posts, and generally putting down some thoughts regarding where I hope this website is going to.

As we move into August, finding the time to write becomes more challenging, as my demands at work increase, and more importantly, my role as grand-dad taking his precious grand-daughters on picnics takes centre stage!

Get taken, as if by magic, to each of last week’s posts by pushing the highlighted titles.

Revelation intro 1 – the first in a short series introducing the first chapter of the Book of Revelation. This will be continued this week.

Understanding Afghanistan – a short post on events in Afghanistan and promoting an excellent teaching video produced by Joel Richardson.

Drowning in a Sea of Symbols – a study of the use and understanding of symbols used in scripture, and especially in Revelation. This is a three part series.

Salvation in Gaza – a short post based on a report in ‘Israel Today‘ that describes the gospel reaching Gazans who are seeking the peace of Christ Jesus.

Looking ahead, I have written a seven part series on the martyrdom of Stephen in Acts 6&7 and how this may describe the end-time tribulation. I intend to load this up soon. On a lighter note, I am also writing a series of articles on the Temple mount in Jerusalem which will be a journey of discovery for me.

My beloved wife tells me that my ‘Drowning in a Sea of Symbols’ series was too complicated and I expect she is right and so I will go back at some point in time and re-write it in a more simple form.

Apart from that…the sun is shining and I have a picnic to go to!

Thank you to all my readers, in lands far and away, each one of you are precious.

Have a blessed week…

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