Revelation intro 1

The Book of Revelation was written by John the beloved disciple whilst in exile on the island of Patmos.

This book is well-known for its fabulous imagery and different interpretations. It has often either been the playground of the obsessed and fanatical or generally considered too difficult to understand and hence put to one side and ignored.

First and foremost it is a book of immense encouragement to Christians enduring persecution. It begins and ends with the glory and power and ultimate victory of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Leon Morris commented brilliantly: ‘It is not a book of human wisdom, nor for that matter a discussion of philosophical or theological problems. It is a setting forth of what God has made known.’

May we read and study this astounding biblical prophetic book with humble hearts!

To go to part two of this short study on Revelation chapter one, please click here.

Quotation from Leon Morris’s book   ‘Revelation’ page 46

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