Beach Waves

Please either listen to the four minute audio clip above or read the notes below or both at the same time!

Many years ago I was on holiday in the South of France. As a family we would go swimming at the local beach and we noticed that when the tide was turning, the waves would become quite large. We would stand up to our knees in the water, face the waves and brace ourselves, digging our heels in and allowing the water to rush past us. It was an exhilarating experience!

One time I was waiting for a wave to come and one of my children called to me from the shore. I turned to see if there was anything wrong and at that precise moment an enormous wave broke and smashed against me. I was thrown off balance, rolled several times on the seabed and emerged like a drowned rat, to the hilarious amusement of everyone on the beach who was watching!

The more I read the scriptures the more convinced I become that a wave of tribulation is coming on this earth. If we stand together and brace ourselves, digging in our heels then we will survive the onslaught of this wave.

Matthew 24:21 ‘For then there will be great distress, unequalled from the beginning of the world until now – and never to be equalled again.’

However, many are choosing to ignore this coming tribulation. Some believe they will be raptured out of its danger before it arrives. Some believe that the tribulation will not even come and that we are headed for a golden age instead. Many choose to hide their heads in the sand and hope that all will be well.

The Lord keeps reminding me of the urgency of this matter. The persecuted nations already know of this tribulation and are in the forefront of what is coming.

This does not mean that we should panic and equip ourselves with loaded shotguns and bags of lentils and hide out in the hills.

Nor should we become morose and downhearted and walk around prophesying gloom and doom.

When the wave of tribulation arrives then this will be the time for praise and rejoicing our socks off!

Psalm 27:6 Then my head will be exalted above the enemies who surround me, at His tabernacle will I sacrifice with shouts of joy, I will sing and make music to the Lord.’

Preparation is the key. The first step is to recognise and accept that there is a wave of tribulation already brewing in the middle of the ocean that will one day head towards our shores. We need to be awake to our circumstances.

The second step is to dig our heels into the sand, by which I mean we should be strengthening our foundations in prayer and scripture..

The third step is to brace ourselves and this means coming together for radiant praise and worship. When the wave hits our shore we should be praising the Lord for all our worth, at maximum decibels, rather than being caught off-guard.

The fourth step is that our arms should be linked together so that we might strengthen each other in unity and become a solid wall of defence.

When the wave arrives there will be many casualties. Many Christians will have been wondering around in a cloud of dreamy imagination and will have been completely unprepared and the wave will have turned them over. They will need help in their distress.

The world around us will also be in a complete disarray and will need our help.

This wave of tribulation will provide endless opportunities for us to share the gospel of truth. If we are strong we will be a tremendous blessing to a crumbling world.

Jesus would remind us of these words in Matthew 24:25  ‘See, I have told you ahead of time.’

It is time for us to prepare, with calm and assured hearts.

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