A tumbling of inspiration…

Those who faithfully serve the Lord will know times of wild inspiration and then times of drought and despair. We gradually learn to know the seasons and surrender ourselves to the source of our creation. The barren times will pass, for the Lord is faithful to refill the casks of the cellars of our craft. We will return strengthened and renewed!

In prayer the Lord gave me this word and may it be a blessing to all who are passing through the sabbath season:

I was praying with a few friends recently and I had an image come across my mind of a beautiful Japanese cherry tree that was draped in white blossom. A gust of wind caused the blossom to fall to the ground and a number of children were dancing in this tumbling avalanche. It was like snow falling upon their delighted faces!

And I felt that those who minister for the Lord are constantly giving out their inner riches to the delight and the sustenance of others around them.

Eventually the tree was quite empty and deplete of blossom. There came a moment when the tree stood alone, the children had left and her branches were bare.

But the Lord is faithful and in season He will constantly replenish the priests and servants who minister in His Kingdom.

The time came around again; the tree was filled with blossom once more and the children returned to dance with abandon in the soft caress of the falling white snow!

Thank you for reading this!

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