The Golden Storm Approaching part 7

Day 7   The Preparation

This is the last day of this seven day series! To go back to the beginning, to day one, please click here.

Please either listen to the four minute audio above or read the notes or both at the same time!

We have explored in this essay that there will be a short, seven year period of tribulation just before Christ Jesus returns in power and glory. This period of tribulation will be characterised by an  immense time of darkness that will engulf the world.

At the same time, the Church will be released into a time of profound rejoicing as we reach out to the anguished world with the gospel of Christ Jesus and reap a huge and wonderful harvest of souls. The Lord will also guide and direct us to pray for Israel, as they receive Christ Jesus as their Messiah and enter into their appointed end-time salvation.

I must stress though that we must be prepared in our hearts for these times lest they come upon us unawares and we are caught off-guard. The enemy will use shock-and-awe tactics to throw us off-balance. 

Denying the existence of this coming tribulation is pure folly, it goes against scripture, it is selfish and self-centred,  and will cause much unnecessary damage.

We live in exciting and dramatic times and we may experience the blessing of localized revivals beforehand to prepare and strengthen us for these climatic days.

I would suggest though that we are not in a sprint race but rather a medium-length race that may well last us into the next decade. We will need to develop essential spiritual core muscles to enable us to endure until the end.

I caught a commercial flight from Athens to Tel Aviv and we went through a severe thunderstorm. The aeroplane was going up and down like a yo-yo and so was my stomach! The passengers, including myself,  were all very frightened. Some were getting up to go the toilet, some were opening the overhead lockers to check their suitcases, one was proclaiming in a loud voice that the end-of-the-world had come!

Then a team of air-hostesses began to walk up the aisles and sit us all down and close the overhead lockers. They put a doughnut in the mouth of the doom-merchant! They were all perfectly poised, perfectly trained and prepared, and were able to calm us all down and tell us what to do.

When the day of tribulation arrives, may we be fully prepared, fully in the presence of our Lord, and fully able to share the gospel to an anguished world.

Our moment of glory will have arrived.

And may we look up to the heavens and know that our Lord Jesus Christ is returning!

Hasten the day…


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