God’s love For Israel conclusion

Thank you to all who have supported me over the past few days in exploring God’s love for Israel, especially to those in lands far away.

I scribbled down the notes for this study, the day before the latest conflict broke out in Israel. Since then, a steady barrage of criticism against Israel has been unleashed and maintained by the media.

I hope these notes have shown that God has an overwhelming compassion for the people of Israel, despite their profound faults and failings.

God’s election of Israel as a chosen people is a challenge that cuts to the chase of our natural pride. We can either choose to align ourselves with God’s purposes or rebel against them and abide with our own selfish, self-centred thoughts.

God certainly has a rich purpose to be fulfilled in Israel, as he brings them into repentance, casts off their yokes and leads them triumphantly into Jerusalem.

Scripture abounds with chapter and verse that describe the glorious spiritual awakening of Israel. The Church may derive great comfort and encouragement from these verses, for the same God who reaches out to Israel with such forgiving kindness also reaches out to us, the wild olive branch grafted into the holy tree.

An earthly father will weep with sadness if his children do not grow up to love and support each other. My prayer is that the Church and Israel will both grow up to cherish each other over the coming years, and that eventually we may walk together down the golden streets of Jerusalem, sit in the shade of the trees by the sparkling waters and bow together before the throne of the Messiah in adoration.

Hasten the day!


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