God’s Love For Israel – Day 1

Day 1  The end-time redemptive salvation of the Jewish people is a major feature of the return of Christ Jesus. I have chosen a few verses from scripture that I believe express this coming redemptive salvation.

One of the greatest transformations within my spiritual life, in the past few years, has come from aligning myself with God’s compassion for the Jewish people. It began as an intellectual understanding of God’s love for Israel but has become a matter of the heart. I have chosen to align myself, get in tune with, and adore God’s love for these often rebellious people!

As I prepared these notes, no sooner had the ink dried than the latest conflict in Israel broke out. We are often bombarded with the rhetoric and narrative of the world media and I believe it is imperative that we understand God’s divine point of view on the subject.

Please understand that I am not Jewish, I have no desire to pretend to be one,  and I am very happy being a Gentile!

Over the next fourteen days I will be putting up a short micro- commentary with bible verses each day  and I hope and pray that meditating on these verses may help us all on our journey.

Tomorrow we explore God’s unfailing love and compassion for Israel. To go there now please click here.

One response to “God’s Love For Israel – Day 1”

  1. Thank you so much for this, Mike. I was born and raised Jewish, and came to Christ at age 21. I’m thankful for your attitude toward the Jewish people and Israel, a far cry from the majority of the Church which embraces the odious “Replacement Theology” doctrine.


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