Do not fear…

Revelation 1:17 describes John meeting the risen Christ in all his resurrected glory.

Revelation 1:17a   ‘Do not be afraid’.

John, no doubt, held the usual fears and worries that we all do but here, in this moment of perfect communion with the living Christ, all fears would fall away, to be replaced with the balm of reassurance and comfort that flows from the heart of God.

1John 4:18 ‘Because there is no fear in love’..

Revelation 1:18   I am the Living One, I was dead, and behold, I am alive forever and ever.

The grave could not hold the risen Christ! This side of glory, death is a reality and mourning is natural and true. But yet the aging John, in deep communion, knew that death was to transition into the heavenly realms with Christ.

1Corinthians 15:55 Where O death is your victory, where is your sting?

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