The Turbulent Flight!

I once caught a commercial flight from Athens to Tel Aviv and we went through a severe thunderstorm. The plane was going up and down like a yo-yo and so was my stomach! The passengers, including myself,  were all very frightened. Some were getting up to go the toilet, some were opening the overhead lockers to check their suitcases, one was proclaiming in a loud voice that the end-of-the-world had come!

Then a team of air-hostesses began to walk up the aisles and sit us all down and close the overhead lockers. They put a doughnut in the mouth of the doom-merchant!

They were all perfectly poised, perfectly trained and prepared, and were able to calm us all down and tell us what to do.

When the day of tribulation arrives, may we be fully prepared, fully in the presence of our Lord, and fully able to share the gospel to an anguished world.

And may we look up to the heavens and know that our Lord Jesus Christ is returning!

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