The Jesus We Don’t Truly Know

The challenging title above is taken from the latest 40 minute teaching tutorial that comes weekly from the FAI Studio, found here , on the subject of the Book of Revelation.

It can also be viewed on YouTube by clicking here.

It is Dalton Thomas teaching this week . They are still on the first chapter and they are deliberately taking their time and going into the depths.

He challenges us to accept the complete revelation of Christ Jesus and not just the parts that we are comfortable with. I love the way he describes Revelation as the final capstone of the canon of scripture.

Dalton explores Jesus as the Lamb and asks us to explore the book through the lens of Jesus as the Lamb. The expression is used 29 times all together. He also explores Jesus as the King, the Judge, the Husband and the War-maker.

I heartily recommend this teaching to you. I am so enjoying and learning from this series on Revelation!

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