FAI Revelation studies

Frontier Alliance Studio, well-known for their excellent film and music production have started their study of the Book of Revelation. Joel Richardson and Dalton Thomas will take it in turn to present a study on a more-or-less weekly basis on their FAI app and on YouTube.

I have just listened to the fifth study in the series, an introduction to the first chapter and I have been well-impressed so far. They are both sound and seasoned teachers on the subject.

One truth they teach is the essential need to begin studying the first chapter , to build your study on a firm Christ-centered center, before heading off to chapter thirteen to try and work out the meaning of the infamous 666!

This study will not be a race but rather they intend to take their time and I am really looking forward to it developing. It promises to be a vital contribution to the study of Revelation.

The fifth lecture, the Introduction to Chapter One can be found here.


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