Samuel Whitefield

One great resource to understanding end-time theology is the teaching of Samuel Whitefield.

He has written several books such as ‘Son of Man, the gospel of Daniel 7’ and ‘It Must Be Finished – making sense of the return of Jesus’ and ‘Mercy Before Judgement – an invitation to intercession.’

His new website includes online video teaching series that run alongside his books and are adaptable for small-group teaching. These videos can be purchased or are free to watch online.

His website is found by clicking here.

Samuel has a quiet passionate nature that shines through his books and videos. He teaches with integrity and knowledge.

His books are thorough explorations of their subject and are quite lengthy, and not to be read in five minutes. His online teaching series are well constructed, an integrated collection of short videos that allow you to progress in your understanding of the subject.

Perhaps I have been most impressed by the nature of the man himself, the spirit within him. Samuel is someone who loves his Saviour and who teaches with great clarity and honesty. I have learned a great deal from him.

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